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  • This letter is to confirm that Xenium Ltd. supplies an excellent service for software programming of LG application for Smart TV. The team has been committed to a timely delivery of design, creative solutions and programming. Xenium has shown to be skilled in integrating all the above parts into one concept, leading to superb user experience. The team is pleasant to work with, and delivers according to its promises. We can only recommend Xenium for their professional work and responsible attitude.

    Tsonio Mihailov
    Manager HE/HA
    LG Electronics Magyar Kft.
  • With this letter, we would like to recommend the services of Xenium Ltd. We have been partnering with them for the implementation of “Evomedia” joint project and have always been satisfied with our cooperation. Xenium Ltd has shown professionalism, precision and high technological expertise in the project management and software development. To work with the team was a pleasure and we recommend Xenium for their professional work, responsible attitude and commitment.

    Atanas Kiryakov
    Ontotext AD
  • With this letter we would like to confirm that Bella Bulgaria SA has been working with Xenium Ltd. for projects of our brands Bella and Leki. During the period of our co-operation Xenium Ltd. team provided support and service in the areas of online advertising and innovative digital media presence. Our experience during our association with the company has been very positive and to our knowledge they have history of timely and successful completion of its jobs. We can confidently recommend Xenium Ltd. as a reliable supplier and experts in their field.

    Kiril Hadjidinev
    Marketing Director
    Bella Bulgaria SA
  • This letter is to provide а reference for our partnership with Xenium Media and the SVOD service delivered via their family service Kidamom.com. For the past year, we have executed a number of marketing activities together and have continuously received a very professional and dedicated service. We highly value the partnership with Xenium Media and Kidamom and remain confident that thank to the proffesional work ethics and responsible attitude of their teams, Kidamom will continue to develop and adopt the most innovative digital marketing concepts.

    Teodor Toshkov
    Country Business Manager
    Nestle Bulgaria
  • With this letter we would like to confirm that we have been working with Xenium Ltd. since we have operations in Bulgaria. During the given period they have performed excellent in online advertising and creative media buying.

    Some of our mutual campaigns with Xenium Ltd. were created for: Bella, KFC, Nescafe Classic, Nescafe Frappe, Postbank. We can definitely recommend Xenium Ltd. as a reliable and expert partner!

    Atanas Raykov
    General Manager
    Viber Media S.a.r.l.


Tel.: +359 2 902 49 22


Tel.: +359 2 902 49 22

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